Formulate. Like a Pro.

With the AI-powered cosmetic formulation assistant.


Simple, yet powerful

The app’s clean, simple interface gives you powerful control, allowing you to create all kinds of customised moisturizers.

Focus on your product’s key features and active ingredients, the Formulator Pro takes care of the rest.


No more spreadsheets

The Formulator Pro handles all of the math and calculations. Phase ratios, usage guidelines and batch sizes are all auto-calculated.

No more cumbersome formulation spreadsheets required!

Eliminate the guesswork

In-depth product reports for each formulation provide the key information for testing and further product development.

Each report is packed with research-based product claims to inform your marketing and product descriptions.

Lightning-fast custom emulsions

Manual formulator services can take weeks to deliver your product formulas, often charging extra for any tweaks or revisions.

Using advanced algorithms, the Formulator Pro provides results in seconds, with unlimited re-formulations and adjustments.

Create unlimited formulas for emulsion-based moisturizers.


Effective, accessible ingredients

Our extensive ingredients database is packed with readily-available ingredients, making sourcing simple.

All the ingredient information you need, alongside every formula. Reduce your research time, and get straight to formulating.

Unlimited product formulas

Formulator services range from hundreds to thousands of dollars — for a single product formula.

Instead, for a flat monthly price, you can formulate unlimited moisturizers with the Formulator Pro.

Design a wide and varied range of cosmetic products without breaking the bank.

You innovate, it formulates.

Developing formulas for emulsion-based moisturizers can be complex.

The Formulator Pro empowers you to focus on your product’s key features and active ingredients. Its advanced algorithm takes care of figuring out exact percentages, formulation phases and complementary ingredients to maximise your product’s effectiveness.

Leaving you free to innovate and create — without cumbersome spreadsheets or expensive consultants.

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your cosmetic formulations?

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