Cosmetic Formulation Software for Small Businesses

Software can help small businesses and entrepreneurs with many aspects of the cosmetic product development process:

  • Research and Development (R&D)
  • New product design
  • Batch and stability testing
  • SKU management
  • Inventory management
  • Regulatory controls

Most software for formulators is enterprise-scale, aimed at large, multinational businesses with hundreds of products.

Ingredients Databases for cosmetic formulators

The Ingredients Database is a key part of any cosmetic formulation software product. Enterprise software often boasts extensive ingredients databases, with tens of thousands of ingredients. However, many of the ingredients are not accessible to smaller businesses, who do not meet the minimum orders (or other restrictions) set by suppliers and manufacturers. As a result, the practically-usable number of ingredients can be much lower than the advertised amounts.

How much does cosmetic formulation software cost?

Enterprise software is often highly complex, with special capabilities to cater for large teams of cosmetic scientists, test products against international regulatory rules, track internal approvals, and manage thousands of product SKUs. The pricing reflects these capabilities, with monthly subscriptions typically starting at $2,000 - $3,000 USD.

For a small business or single entrepreneur, it’s not always feasible to allocate so much budget to software, particularly when many of the features are not required.

Cosmetic formulation software for small businesses

The Formulator Pro is designed for small businesses and entrepreneurs. It focuses on streamlining the R&D phase of product design, enabling faster and cheaper product development. Its hand-selected ingredients database is packed with effective, accessible ingredients, with an emphasis on ingredients that are available to smaller businesses and individuals.

With subscriptions starting from under $100 USD per month, it’s a practical option for smaller and growing operations.