Formula Generator App for Cosmetics

Can an app generate a cosmetic product formula?

What is a Cosmetics Formula Generator?

In order to design a new product, a cosmetic formulator must select active ingredients that meet the product’s aims, as well as functional ingredients to maximise the product’s efficacy, and create the desired properties in the final product.

Example cosmetic product requirements: a thick, moisturising cream with aloe vera and honey.

Each ingredient can affect the product’s overall stability and pH, as well as the deliverability of the active ingredients. Emulsifiers, preservatives, anti-oxidants and stabilisers are required for certain products formulations — even in natural and organic ranges. Balancing all of these requirements can be complex.

Our Cosmetic Formula Generator app Formulator Pro streamlines this process by algorithmically producing a cosmetic formula to meet the goals of your product. Using its simple, yet powerful controls, you can define the type of product you want, along with any key ingredients and features. The Formulator Pro will generate a formulation in seconds, along with a detailed product report to inform your testing and product description.

Is an app better than cosmetic formulation spreadsheets?

Spreadsheets are the tool of choice for many hobbyist and professional cosmetic formulators. A cosmetic formulation spreadsheet will automatically calculate phase percentages and allow you to scale up batch sizes.

As spreadsheets do not have an ingredient database, they cannot suggest usage guidelines, meaning that additional research or expertise is required. Formulators must choose each ingredient to include, decide on a usage level and assign it to a phase. Additionally, while spreadsheets are completely flexible, extensive knowledge is required to translate product requirements into a concrete formula. This can be a time-intensive process, even for an experienced formulator.

The Formula Pro automates much of this work, using AI to transform product requirements into a cosmetic formula. For small businesses and entrepreneurs especially, this kind of cosmetic formulation software can be a game-changer. Empowering you to bring new products to market faster.

Generating cosmetic formulas with the Formulator Pro

Inputting your key features into the Formulator Pro app is straightforward. The intuitive options allow you to describe complex product requirements. Just click FORMULATE to generate your cosmetic product formula.

Formula generator app screenshot

Once the formula is generated, you can adjust it further by adding additional ingredients to include or exclude. Then, you’re ready to proceed with testing the formula.

How to start generating cosmetic formulas

Check our guide on getting started with the Formulator Pro or see all Formulator Pro features here.