Kokum Butter

  • Emollient
INCI Garcinia Indica Seed Butter
  • Lightweight, non greasy moisturising butter
  • Conditions hair, increasing shine and manageability
  • Very smooth and fast absorbing emollient
  • Restorative and skin regenerative properties
Type Natural
Kind Butter
Also Called
  • Kokam
  • Goa Butter
Usage Guidelines Up to 20%
Form Light to medium brown hard, crumbly and nonuniform butter. Not malleable at room temperature
Scent Strong earthy scent that is difficult to mask in higher concentrations
Main Composition Stearic Acid and Oleic Acid
Solubility Oil soluble
Plant Part Seed
Products Body Butters, Balms, Bars & Creams
Skin Type Recommendations Dry Skin and Mature Skin
Melting Point 40C
  • Cocoa Butter

Benefits of Kokum Butter for skin and hair care formulations

Kokum butter is a deeply nourishing, hard butter that is extremely light and fast absorbing on the skin. When used in cosmetic formulations, Kokum butter creates incredibly smooth almost ‘silicone-like’ moisturisers that glide across the skin. Unrefined kokum butter is best used in conjunction with other emollients as its natural state is quite brittle and sensitive to heat. However, even at lower concentrations, kokum butter is a superb conditioner and moisturiser. In hair care formulations, it softens and protects hair, limiting frizz and making it more manageable. In skincare, it is particularly effective on dry, sensitive and/or mature skin, as its lightweight application spreads easily across the skin and absorbs quickly without feeling sticky or greasy.

Please note: Kokum butter is only partially heat stable, it is best to melt at lower temperatures and avoid prolonged exposure to heat.

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