• Preservative
INCI Optiphen [Phenoxyethanol, Caprylyl Glycol]
  • Globally approved natural preservative
  • Provides protection against bacteria and yeast
  • Suitable for use with cationic, ionic or non-ionic surfactants
  • Can be used in O/W, W/O emulsions, anhydrous and some water-based products
  • Not heat sensitive
  • Paraben Free and Formaldehyde free.
Type Naturally Derived
Kind Preservative
Optimal pH 4 to 8
Usage Guidelines 0.5% to 1.5%
Formulation Stage Cool Down phase
Form Clear colourless liquid
Scent Mild to odourless
Solubility Oil Soluble
  • Saliguard PCG

What is Optiphen

Optiphen is a natural preservative that provides protection against bacteria and yeast. Composed of phenoxyethanol mixed with caprylyl glycol, Optiphen has a pleasant, emollient-like skin feel that doesn’t overpower products. It is also flexible to use in formulations and can withstand temperatures up to 60C. Optiphen is also suitable for use in a broad range of products including emulsions, anhydrous, surfactant-based and some water-based products.

How to use Optiphen

Optiphen can be added pre-emulsification or post-emulsification, though it’s best practice to add after emulsification to help with stability. Whilst Optiphen can be used in aqueous solutions, as it is oil-soluble it is generally not recommended for use in fully water-based products without an additional solubilizer.